MJF Trucking operates a fleet of Tri-axle dump trucks in the southeast Pennsylvania area.
Our services include:
  • Hourly rate hauling service for site to site transportation of any product

  • Tonnage rate service from quarries and mining sites to your site

  • Flat load rate service for high value commodities

  • MJF trucks can handle boulder rock and tree stumps when called upon

  • Self-loading is handled by some of the MJF drivers with heavy equipment experience

  • All MJF drivers are experienced in spreading driveway material and sub-base products

  • MJF trucks maintain tight tail gates for small particle products and every truck is equipped with DOT compliant tarps

If you can put it in a truck we will try our best to haul it.
Please contact us for pricing on any need you may have.

Small Driveway Repair

Gravel is a functional and inexpensive way to surface your driveway. A downside to gravel (or stone) driveways is that they're subject to potholes caused by water and erosion. After a rain, water puddles up in a small depression, which over time becomes a pothole. Fortunately, MJF Trucking is here to help repair potholes in your gravel driveway depending on how deep they are and the amount of time and money you're willing to spend.

Skid Loader Service

At MJF Trucking, we offer skid loader services which can include light grading, light excavation, stone spreading and general yard clean up. Loader service is available anytime of the year, whether it is for spring clean-up or for stacking or removing snow on commercial properties in the winter.